Editorial - Is It Better On CD Or Should I Just Stream It?

Disclaimer: The text within this editorial contains a cleverly disguised advertisement for a product.

Buy my CD! The CD is absolutely the best way to experience Du Bist Kein Toy. If you listened and liked it in your tiny Alexa speaker or through your phone's earbuds, you'll love it on a CD. By playing Du Bist Kein Toy on a good CD player, you'll encounter no sudden stops due to network glitches and you'll never have to worry about lossy compressed file formats which make the music sound like it's coming from inside a paper towel tube. Every time you play my CD it will sound perfect, just like my talented guest performers and I are in your listening room performing Du Bist Kein Toy for you live.

Listen to Du Bist Kein Toy on CD on a well amplified two channel (better yet, add a subwoofer) system, with the volume high. It goes without saying, that you, as a discerning listener have invested in a pair of very high end speakers and have spared no expense on your amplifier and disc media player components. Sit on a nice, cozy chair or sofa optimally placed between the speakers to get the full experience. Put your phone down and just relax, rest your head on the cushion and close your eyes. Let the sounds wash over you.

On CD what you will never hear are the inappropriate and awkward pauses most streaming platforms unhelpfully put between tracks. You will hear Du Bist Kein Toy uninterrupted from start to finish. It's nearly an hour of sculpted and artful listening pleasure.

Repeat the CD listening meditation frequently to maintain your peace of mind and sense of well being.

People who buy and listen to Du Bist Kein Toy on CD are scientifically proven to be healthier and happier!*



* Not by actual scientists.

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