Editorial: Living In A Postcard

Living in a postcard…

While trying to assemble photos of myself for an editor once, he complained that a lot of them looked like I was on vacation. He was clearly being acidic, trying to say the photos I gave…

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Crisis Management

After revisiting a song I wrote ages ago I decided to make a video love letter for San Francisco out of it. Crisis Management explores the city through video I captured in December 2007 as well as December 2023. If…

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Split Window - Stray Valet

Listen to Split Window perform Stray Valet from the AvonLive concert September 15, 2022.


I suppose it's worth mentioning that this was the first time we performed this song and Lucas and I were making it up as we went…

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Split Window - Summer Concert Blog

The Split Window summer calendar is beginning to come together. (Actually, I've been sneaking in here every few weeks and updating our calendar as things get added. -ed)

Hope to see you at our shows.

  • June 17, 2023 -…
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Burro Days

The donkey scored front row seats for Split Window's show! (July 29, 2023, Burro Days, Fairplay)

40th Day

Yesterday as I was driving home my phone played the song “bloodseconds” by 40th Day in my car. I don't expect you to know who 40th Day is. This is the year 2023 and that band hasn't been around in…

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The National

Question: What do you do when Matt Berninger comes up to you and sings a song?
Answer: I'm not really sure. Take his picture, I guess?

Tonight I will perform with Split Window as part of the Town of Frisco's…

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Gigging In The Summer

It may seem pretty quiet around my website these days but it's because when it's summer here in the mountains I tend to spend a lot of my time playing shows with Split Window. We're a ten person band…

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