Split Window - Summer Concert Blog

The Split Window summer calendar is beginning to come together. (Actually, I've been sneaking in here every few weeks and updating our calendar as things get added. -ed)

Hope to see you at our shows.

FIBArk was on a beautiful warm sunny day. We played on a large stage in a park next to the Arkansas river. The band after us was an all girl AC/DC cover band that had thousands of people cheering and dancing. Much grass was trampled down that day.

Elevation Music Festival in Alma in the mountains at over ten thousand feet elevation was actually kinda cold. Sleet blowing in our faces caused us to end the set early with numb hands and frozen faces. Shiver!

Festival In The Clouds was also in Alma but what a difference a couple of weeks makes. It was warm, sunny and a huge crowd turned out to see us play. Fans of the band were singing along to the songs. I met a nice band called Bedford from Kentucky.

We played Burro Days for our first time this year and it was a fun little street side stage with the crowd dancing in as well as across the street. Our show was the evening before the big race so one of the burros even came by the stage for a visit. I like to call it Donkey Daze.

It was really sunny and hot for Silverthorne First Friday but at least I remembered to bring my shades and sunblock. Someone told me there was some sort of commotion during our set involving the police but I didn't see it.

Summit Sky Ranch is a neighborhood block party with lots of friendly people and a beautiful clubhouse. This was where I discovered that you can actually grill a peach. Mmmm! I want some more of those grilled peaches!

Dillon Amphitheater is kind of like Red Rocks but even prettier. I think that gig counts as the most powerful PA system this band has played through. Thanks for buying all of our T-Shirts! I didn't even get one. Also let me know your thoughts about my CD if you picked up one of those.

Somehow we threaded the needle weatherwise and did our set at TwinFest in Salida just after a rainstorm ended and just before the next rainstorm began. Good planning skills displayed by all those people who wore swim suits to the festival.

SunsetLive in Avon had their Summer's End celebration a few weeks before Summer actually ends but the show was fun, relaxed and we watched the sun go down during our set right as we played our song, Sun Shining Somewhere.

BMFR stands for Black Mountain Family Reunion. That means it's near one of the hundreds if not thousands of hills in the world called Black Mountain. However the family reunion part is purely figurative. Even if it's untrue, I like to think of this as a Burning Man “afterburn” party.

Salida has been tremondously supportive of us this year. Maybe some of that has to do with the influence of Jodi and her family having moved there. Tres Litros is a night of noisy fun and dancing which we've done once before. I brought my little red horn partly because it's a small stage and partly because people love to see that trumpet up close.

The radio station KHEN threw a fundraiser and called it Chickenstock. I don't know why but the name makes me giggle, but in more in the way of “Wait. They named it WHAT???” Okay, so they have the word “hen” embedded in their call letters so I guess we'll allow it. Lots of people showed up for one of the last few warm Saturdays in the mountains. We were missing a couple of honeymooning newlyweds in the band (Congrats, Audrey and Mike!) and one or two others, so it was a bit roomy onstage.

So, that about does it for the Split Window 2023 Summer Blog. Hope you enjoyed seeing us play. We sure enjoyed performing! Be sure to catch us for our New Years Eve show, which I think is going to also be in Salida this year.

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