The National

Question: What do you do when Matt Berninger comes up to you and sings a song?
Answer: I'm not really sure. Take his picture, I guess?

Tonight I will perform with Split Window as part of the Town of Frisco's Concert In The Park series. Last night I was getting warmed up and inspired by seeing The National at the Dillon Amphitheater. I was able to get tickets and gave them to Carrie for her birthday. The band had several moments of funny banter between songs and seemed very relaxed, happy, and friendly, acting almost like a local Summit County band rather than a famous touring headliner. In my experience playing an outdoor show here in the mountains kind of does that to you. Whole families come to the shows and the feeling is more friendly and less confrontational than some venues and festivals I've been to in larger metropolitan settings.

I also liked that their trumpeter didn't feel he had to live in the high, fast, and loud range like so many touring rock trumpeters do, even pushing all three buttons down and belting out a few low C-sharps from time to time. As the band played through their diverse back catalog we watched the sun set this summer for the last time after eight in the evening reminding me that we're quickly moving into autumn as daylight shortens and soon the lake, all the flowers, and this amphitheater will be covered in snow.

The opening act, Bartees Strange were very impressive. Notably, their drummer whose style reminded me of a cross between Michael Bland and Rudy Royston. As if either of those boys could swing their sticks around so well without yanking out two giant hula hoops worn as earrings! Bartees Strange did a cover of Lemonworld which made it three times we heard that song yesterday counting the two times The National played it, once during soundcheck and again during their show.

Last night's show was the first crowded concert event we've been to since the pandemic began. Signs around the venue said at "artist's request" masks were advised. We decided it would be a good idea to wear them, considering I have two shows this week and don't want to have to miss them because I got sick. We ended up being approximately the tenth of one percent of the audience that was masked. C'est la vie.

If you want to see Split Window this week, tonight's free show at six o'clock will be in the Frisco Historic Park gazebo. On Saturday afternoon we will be appearing as part of the Elevation Festival in Alma.


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